How to earn bitcoins online

Fast forward to 2018 and Bitcoin is on top of the mountain. The bad days seem to be over, and while the Bitcoin bubble could happen at any time, there is no disputing that the cryptocurrency is here to stay. The sooner you start making money with Bitcoin, the better ground you will have in 5 years, when it will become a well-known currency around the world.

And if the Bubble scares you, investing in Bitcoin is just one option, but not the only one. Bubble or not, you can still make a ton of money from Bitcoin. Bubble or not, the value is going to grow in the future because people are just getting into it.

Make your bitcoin faucet

Earning potential: $50 to $800 per month.

A bitcoin faucet is a project where you create a website or application for users to visit. You monetize your site with ads that pay in bitcoins. The ad pays a small amount of bitcoins for each page view, click, or conversion.

To encourage a large number of visitors to continue daily and hourly navigation on the site, you offer to share the advertising revenue with them by paying them in satoshis, which are basically bitcoin cents. In order to win, the user must earn a certain amount of satoshi, and payouts are made weekly.

Faucets pay between 100,000 and 400,000 satoshi per hour. Some offer bonuses based on seniority or performance.

The faucets started working with the help of captcha solving, and nothing else. A very boring task of passive income. When users kill aliens, feed creatures, or kill robots to earn satoshis, new in-game faucets appear. The more they advance in the game, the more they earn. So this is a great idea for your own faucet.

The day is not far off when every video game player will be paid to play.

Be aware that Bitcoin faucets tend to default due to insufficient funding or liquidity. Faucet owners are not getting paid fast enough to pay their rapidly growing user base. They also tend to be hot targets for hackers.

Earn passive income from your bitcoin blog

Since Bitcoin is so new compared to other targeted content, there is a lot of room for new bloggers and sites. New Bitcoin-related businesses are popping up every day; anything from bitcoin exchanges, trading, play money sites, faucets, online shopping and mining are avidly suitable for your advertising space.

Bitcoin blogging and monetization can be slow at first, but consistently posting rich content will attract some advertisers after at least 9 months.

You can join some affiliate programs or create your own bitcoin store. Bitcoin faucets, wallets and exchanges pay large referral commissions.

Small earnings on bitcoin faucets

My first tip involved building my own faucet. If it’s too difficult, try to join it and take advantage of it. Instead of making around $800 a month, it would be more like $30-100 a month from a monotonous task, but it’s still money and the first step to building your bank.

Note that Bitcoin faucets tend to be faulty and disappear very quickly. So be sure to join reputable sites like and It’s also fun because you can play games while earning money, I recommend robotain the most.

Create an Online Store for a Bitcoin Product or Service

Bitcoin is still difficult to monetize in USD and other hard currencies. Not that it’s very difficult, but the process involves some fees and taxes. Although it is still one of the cheapest ways to send money anywhere in the world.

Buying things with bitcoins is a great way to turn them into something useful and helps you avoid exchange fees and taxes. Especially if you can later resell these goods and turn them into cash.

Selling goods paid for with Bitcoin at low prices or in bulk are great business opportunities. All you need is a Bitcoin merchant for your Shopify or WooCommerce store, such as Shopify already ships with BitPay.

Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes New Bitcoin Traders Make

Investors from all over the world are trying to capitalize on the volatile Forex market by trading the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Well, it is quite easy to start trading online, but it is important for you to know that there are risks that you cannot ignore.

As with any speculative or stock market, Bitcoin trading is also a risky venture that can cost you a lot of money, especially if you don’t do it right. Therefore, it is important for you to know about the risks involved before you decide to start with it.

If you are new and interested in Bitcoin trading, you need to first understand the basics of trading and investing.

Avoid Common Mistakes New Traders Commonly Make

Invest wisely

Any financial investment can bring losses, not profits. Likewise, with the highly volatile Bitcoin market, you can expect both profits and losses. It’s all about making the right decisions at the right time.

Most beginners tend to lose money by making bad decisions, which are usually driven by greed and poor analytical skills. Experts say that you should not venture into trading unless you are prepared to lose money. Basically, this approach helps you mentally cope with worst-case scenarios.

Diversify your portfolio

First, successful traders diversify their portfolios. Risk increases when most of your funds are spread over one asset. It becomes more difficult for you to cover losses with other assets. You cannot afford to lose more money than you put in, so avoid placing more funds in limited assets. This will go a long way in helping you withstand negative trades.

Second, investing more money than you can afford will also cloud your ability to make smart decisions. In most cases, you will be forced to opt for “desperate selling” if the market drops a bit. Instead of weathering a market downturn, an overinvested investor is bound to panic. A person will feel the urge to sell the holding at a low price in an attempt to reduce losses.

You will also lose more money when the market recovers. This is because you will have to buy the same thing but at a higher price.

Set goals – emotions make you blind

Setting a goal for each transaction is very important when you are trading bitcoins. This helps you stay balanced even in very volatile conditions. Therefore, you will need to determine the price first to stop the loss.

The same rule applies to profit, especially if you let your greed get the better of you. The benefit of setting goals is that you can easily prevent yourself from making decisions based on emotions.

Instead, you should work on improving your chart reading and market analysis skills. New traders are also advised to close their losing positions within 24 hours to avoid recurring interest payments.

Bitcoin Wallets – All Aspects Explained


Bitcoin is a well-known digital currency and it is different from the physical or traditional currencies used around the world. It is a completely different type of currency because it does not exist in any physical shape or form in the world. They are mostly stored technically and used in the Internet world. If you want to use bitcoins, you need to have a bitcoin wallet.

What is a bitcoin wallet?

Generally, a bitcoin wallet is a software that securely stores bitcoins. A wallet is like a virtual bank account and allows a person to send or receive bitcoins and store bitcoins. Those people who use bitcoins and have a balance, they get a private key or secret number for each bitcoin address stored in the bitcoin wallet. Without a private key, a bitcoin transaction is impossible. You can use your bitcoin wallet from anywhere in the world.

The main reason to get a bitcoin wallet is to use bitcoins easily and safely. It is a digital wallet that can easily work on your smartphone and computer. If you are concerned about hacking then this is the best option because it ensures complete safety and security of your bitcoin.

Different forms of bitcoin wallet

There are several different forms of Bitcoin wallets and each one is used according to its own requirements.

The four main types of Bitcoin wallets are listed below:

• Mobile

For those who use bitcoins on a daily basis, such as regularly trading, buying goods and performing other daily activities, a BTC mobile wallet is a great option. It’s an app that runs on your smartphone. This will store your private keys and allow you to easily pay for things or use cryptocurrencies from your phone from anywhere in the world.

• Internet

Web wallets make it easy to use bitcoins anywhere and on any mobile phone or web browser. Remember that you should choose your web wallet carefully because it stores your private key online and sometimes it can be risky.

• Work table

Desktop wallets are downloaded and installed on your computer or desktop and offer you full control over your wallet. You can store your private key and create a cryptocurrency account address to send and receive bitcoins.

• Equipment

Hardware wallets are offline devices and are the most secure bitcoin wallet. They store your private keys offline, so they cannot be hacked. This means you can use it on your computer at any time.

Your coins are completely safe because only you can control your bitcoin wallet. No other person, unless you share your password, can get your bitcoin details. So, use bitcoins without fear of theft.

Collecting bitcoins for use in transactions

The big question is how to get bitcoins.

Once you have a basic understanding of what Bitcoin is and how a wallet actually works, you can dive into the world of digital currency and get some Bitcoins for yourself. So, the big question that comes to your mind is how can I get bitcoins?

It’s getting hard.

Once you know the origin of each individual bitcoin, which is based on the mining process, you will believe that the best way to get them is to join that mining process. The fact is that this has become very difficult due to the rapid rise in popularity of cryptocurrency.

Sell ​​products or services.

Each bitcoin is the result of a previous transaction. So the way to get them if you don’t have them is to get a transaction from someone else when you purchase them with cash or also mine new bitcoins.

If you know someone who uses bitcoins, you can ask him/her to get bitcoins. In case you don’t know anyone who owns them, you can get bitcoins by suggesting a different kind of transaction with another bitcoin user, which will get you money in bitcoins. An alternative option is to mine them yourself.

Extraction of minerals.

If you can’t buy bitcoins from someone else, you can get them by mining them. The term mining here means: solving a complex mathematical problem, the purpose of which is to verify the transactions of others. In return, you will receive Bitcoins. Receiving bitcoins is sometimes free, but sending them may incur a fee, depending on the online platform you use. Before you start mining bitcoins, you should understand that this is not an easy way to get bitcoins, it requires some technical knowledge which may not be practical for you.


In case you don’t know anyone who owns bitcoins, you have nothing to sell to exchange for bitcoins, there is a way to buy bitcoins. There are several online platforms that sell bitcoins through a process called trading/exchange. Here I list several ways to acquire bitcoins:

Buy bitcoins from a person.

There are online marketplaces where you can buy bitcoins person-to-person. You can pay these individuals in cash or in other ways. It’s good to think that you and the seller can arrange a payment method: cash in person, cash via escrow, bank transfer, PayPal, etc. The key element here is finding someone you can trust. A good tip is to use an online deposit service, this way you can protect yourself from any kind of fraud. The good thing about these online depositing platforms is that everyone has to upload their scanned ID, this ensures security during transactions.

Buy bitcoins on exchanges and in retail outlets.

Bitcoin exchanges or trading outlets are basically online services that make it easy for buyers and sellers to transact with Bitcoin. To become a member of one of them, all you need to do is create an account and pass an identity verification before you can buy or sell bitcoins.

Buy bitcoins through an ATM.

Some cities around the world offer physical Bitcoin ATMs. You just get your bitcoins through them using the local fiat currency. Governments regulate the use of these ATMs for security purposes. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a Bitcoin ATM near your location because even where they are installed is regulated.

Bitcoin Exchange Review

Technology advances in leaps and bounds. It introduces new conditions and systems for business and communication every day. The Internet has contributed greatly to this progress; especially when it comes to business. Online trading or online currency trading has recently attracted many traders. One common form of online trading is the Bitcoin exchange.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin exchange is a new money system for the internet that works on the concept of digital currency. It initiates a peer-to-peer payment system for individuals with no central authority. It uses a new concept of cryptocurrency that was originally introduced in 1998. Cryptography controls the creation and transactions of digital money. Bitcoin works through a software system and has no central control authority, so it is equally managed and controlled by its users around the world.

Working Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin exchange can be done in the same way as any other currency exchange. Just like working with banks, making transactions through Bitcoin Exchange is easy. Similar to physical trading, the user must pay to purchase bitcoins. The difference is that a person has to open an account with some bitcoin exchange. The user’s paid asset will be available in the form of a digital currency that can be used to purchase any type of product. Bitcoins can also be exchanged with other Bitcoin holders. This system works similar to exchanging money in banks.

Making transactions

In almost all payment systems, payments can be reversed after a transaction has been made through PayPal or credit cards. But with Bitcoin, the situation changes, because once a transaction is made, it cannot be returned or reversed. So be careful when exchanging bitcoins for currencies because you may face chargeback issues. It is advisable to exchange with other Bitcoin holders near you.

Advantages of Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin currency exchange is quite new. It is a kind of basic software payment system where you transact digitally. Here’s how it can benefit you:

· Make transactions faster than other systems

· Always available for transactions

· Make transactions from anywhere in the world

· Make more secure transactions

· Execution of operations without the intervention of third parties

· Monitor all transactions from your home PC or smartphone

· Purchase any asset with Bitcoin

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin exchange is an innovation in the economic systems of the world. In practical use, some disadvantages are also revealed. Some of them are as follows:

Ø Market acceptance

The number of Bitcoin users is growing, but it is still not a widely used currency or exchange system. Its level of recognition in financial matters is still low.

Ø Instability

Because Bitcoin is not commonly used, it is not a stable currency. However, there is hope that this volatility will decrease as the user list and the number of bitcoins in the market become more willing to be used.

Ø Partial development

The big problem is that the Bitcoin software is still in beta and there are a number of imperfect features that still need to be fixed. New modules are under development to make Bitcoin exchange safer for everyone.