For you a handyman ?: 7 factors

Perhaps because house prices in many areas are high, or because many can’t afford the house of their dreams, we see that people looking at stellar homes and properties that are often called clamp – top, or special masters at all hands.

After more than 15 years as a real estate licensee in New York State, I have come to the conclusion that you need to act wisely before going this way, as there are a few important points to consider before . With this in mind, in this article we will try to briefly consider, study, consider and discuss the 7 factors that need to be considered before going this route.

1. Identify the condition, especially the weaknesses, problems, etc .: The first thing to do is to study carefully (and, if unsure, get the services of a housekeeper, an expert), the so-called bones of the house!! If the heart of the house is weak, go away. Remember, don’t just pull yourself together because you can buy a house at a low price before exploring what it may take to raise it to a level with which you can feel comfortable. How much can you do yourself and what might you need to hire others and achieve? What are the zoning, building codes and other rules in a particular region? Before making any final decision, consider factors such as inconvenience, etc. Will fixing a special wizard make sense to you?
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2. Necessary / necessary work, cosmetic, basic / structural or between: Appearance can mount you, because whether it makes sense often depends on whether home improvement, cosmetic, or major and structural problems! That’s why before you continue, it’s important to hire a professional, a licensed home inspector, or a home engineer!
3. How comfortable are you ?: Those who trade, or, together with friends, are willing and able to help, etc., can often take advantage of these potentials much more than those who have to hire professions – people to do everything!
4. Urgency: How soon do you need to move into the house? Is it possible to safely perform the necessary work as long as someone lives there? How long may it take to do? What areas are most relevant and pressing, and, should you create an action plan to perform the work strategically, taking into account priorities?
5. Total cost of recovery: Consider the worst case scenario and determine the total cost of recovery as you wish! Add this to the purchase price of the property and the house to find out about the total purchase price and whether it makes sense to you!
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6. Know the local real estate market: Where is the house? What do houses in this region sell in the real estate market? Does it make sense to spend less on a “Special Handyman” and improve it, or maybe you’d be better served by buying a house maybe better bones?
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7. Foot – print: Know the zoning rules in the area! In many places there are certain rules in terms of the percentage (maximum) of the interior of the house, the area – the area and size of the plot!
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Since for most the value of their home is often the largest financial asset, doesn’t it make sense to act wisely? Will you work to your advantage?
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